Introducing the BEnch

The BE Communication Lab is proud to introduce the BEnch, a blog and forum aimed at discussing the issues central to the philosophy and culture of our BE community. Our mission is to increase communication on the points members of our community feels passionate about.

What are we discussing? 
The BEnch is the perspective of graduate students on our humanity rather than on our academics. Some topics we may be writing about:

  • What it feels like to work on the brink of discovery, knowing that perhaps you will find nothing
  • Why we came to grad school, if the reasons have changed, and if we are feeling successful
  • Reflections on media reports of science in our field, as sociological document of how people understand and relate to science
  • How it feels to do experiments that sacrifice animals, and how we learn to cope in order to advance our science
  • Reflections on the scientific direction the BE department has taken, and what it might look like 20 years from now

Today we are kicking off with 4 posts that feature a variety of content.

Who will be writing?
Initially, the writing fellows of the BE Communication lab will be creating content, but we are excited to receive submissions from anyone in our community!

Why do we need a place for online discussion? 
It’s hard to prioritize discussion ahead of research productivity in the increasingly competitive world of academic science. We want to dephase discussion and put it online. No longer do people have to find time during their busy work schedules to meet up – they can think about their peers’ comments and respond in any spare moment.

How frequently will there be new postings?
We aim to post once per week, on Mondays. 

What should I do? 
Read what other people are thinking about in your spare moments between experiments, and share a comment with your thoughts! If you’re interested in writing posts, please contact us!