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  • Alison is pursuing her PhD in Microbiology and is studying bacterial adaptation, evolution, and ecology with Prof. Martin Polz in Course 1. Originally from Los Angeles, Alison began her writing career in high school when she wrote a column for her high school newspaper called ”Study Break,” which won an award from the LA Times in 2004. Alison attended Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she learned lab techniques and how to read scientific papers as she completed her B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. As an undergraduate, Alison received a Wagner Fellowship to study abroad for a year in England at the University of Oxford, and she hopes to return there soon to read Jane Austen in the heathery meadows. When she isn’t spreading her love of good writing at the BE Writing Lab, she’s GRT-ing at Random Hall, jogging along Memorial Dr., or floundering – though she refers to it as ‘swimming’ – at the pool. Some of Alison’s recent writing can be found in The Tech and The Graduate.

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