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  1. My name is Daria Wilber. I am a 61 year old laryngectomee using an electrolarynx to facilitate speech. I had biologic and radiation prior to my laryngectomy/tracheostomy so a TEP valve is not recommend for me due to tissue damage from the radiation. I am an artist and teacher. I am ambulatory and very active.

    Here is my question: Is there a device I can use other than the electrolarynx to facilitate speech OR is there a “chip” or some such thing that can replace what’s currently being used in electrolarynx devices? I have both a Tru Tone and a Nu Vois.

    Here’s my thought: If technology can give artificial speech programs and automated voice response systems more natural sounding voices why can’t human beings with voice impairment be given the same consideration?

    And no, I wasn’t a smoker, I wasn’t a heavy drinker, nor did I have HPV. The cancer reappeared less than 6 moths after treatment ended.

    Thanks in advance for reading my query.

    Best regards,

    daria wilber

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