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Latest Posts

Life in fluctuating environments

By Jen Nguyen Lately I’ve been caught up with bacterial growth. Like the kind that spreads over raw cheese, forming a rind and eventually flavor. While the development of this colony is in itself fascinating (and delicious!), it’s not what particularly gets me – I’m amazed that growth even starts. During my last visit home […]

Two PhD students walk into a bar…

By John Casey While quietly reading in my favorite watering hole recently, I was accosted by a well-lubricated and gregarious compatriot. Steve scooted over several bar stools and introduced himself as a PhD candidate at Harvard. He proceeded to interrogate me with shotgun queries about my own graduate work – e.g., “so what’s the difference […]

Making friends; scooping enemies

By Scott Olesen I read a perspective piece on an article written by a grad student G in another country. G said he wanted to pioneer a therapy T to solve a problem P. I want to pioneer the same therapy T to solve the more important problem Q. Along the way I would also […]

Finding a job out of grad school (n=1)

By Felix Moser I graduated a year ago and spent much of that year looking for a job in industry. The decision to find an industry job was a mindful one. Like many graduate students, I was unsure what I wanted my long term career to look like. The ideal scenario of becoming a professor […]

Biotechnology: getting on-base

By John Casey President Obama’s strategy of hitting singles and doubles instead of home runs may be controversial when it comes to foreign policy, but is without a doubt an increasingly popular approach for biotech entrepreneurs. As biotechnology mushroomed throughout the aughts, predictable disappointments came to pass. Lab-reared human limbs have remained beyond reach, and, […]

What’s the Point, Honestly, of Doing this?

By: Georgia Lagoudas What do we really want out of a PhD? Do we come here to rub elbows with intellectuals and like-minded scientists? Do we come here to shadow and learn from the best and brightest in our field? Do we come to develop our personal skills? Do we want to learn how to communicate, […]

Destroying the world, pipette tip by pipette tip

By: Sean Kearney My face morphs into a painful grimace as I toss a stalk of excessively wilted, two-week-old celery into my compost bin. Wasting food is hard for me. I think about the billions of people who scrape by every day without the luxury to dispose of food. It’s unfair, I think, that I can […]

Video games

By: Sarah Spencer After college graduation, my brother and his two roommates split the cost of a flatscreen TV and a brand new PlayStation 3 (PS3). Since they were recent graduates from course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), they filled the PS3 up with some seriously nerdy background programs. This is when I got introduced […]